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The First Revolutionary Story plot with background
The world is called Avalon and its the home of the angelic race. Angelic society has progressed to a point, scientific knowledge is actually advance and which has flourished along with magic due to the recent age dubbed as "Utopia." Brought about four thousand years prior to the story by the First Loremaster. Tensions between both science and magic was tenuous at best. One betrayal at the heart of angelic society caused the end of Utopia and sparked a conflict which would rage and continue to grow worse for over twenty years. This becomes the backdrop of the story which takes place within a neutral aligned city called Genesis, during a war which threatens the collapse of angelic society.
"This world is plagued by war. Even now people are waking up with the intention to kill their neighbour. With the only reason that the neighbour thought differently. Magic and Science. The Old order and the new establishment. Both speak of peace and freedom from oppression. Yet they seek to suppress th
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The First Revolutionary - Story Outline Part 2
3. Main Characters
Thomas Eolas - The protagonist who displays a cold and strong front to those around him, this is to disguise his true nature, were he is more kind and very protective of those he care about. The reason for his strong front goes back ten years prior to the story, where he was betrayed by his brother, Aaron Eolas. 
Jealous of the attention his little brother got and his status as the heir to the Eolas household. Aaron took advantage of Thomas' trust in him and begun to bully him through mind games, this lead to an unstable control of his own magical power, the reason for this is that a clear mind is needed to control magic effectively. When he was called upon to perform the coming of age ritual, his magic went out of control and accidentally killed his father in the process. His brother then manipulated the situation and accused Thomas of wanting to inherit his father's position before it was time. 
As punis
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The First Revolutionary - Story Outline Part 1
Story Outline
Title: The First Revolutionary
1. Setting
World: Avalon; sharing the same name as the main continent. The native home world of the Angelic race and the first world to build the Stonehenge known as the Eye of the world. This world has a naturally generating magic in the atmosphere, meaning non magical beings can learn to use magic in this world. Inspired by the Island of the dead in Arthurian legend, it is a world believed to be Utopia in other race's stories and legends.
Continent: Avalon; sharing the same name as the world, the land has been plagued in war for over fifteen years. Formally considered a Utopia, which was said to have beautiful landscapes, abundance of resources and a treasure trove for magical lore. However the rise of technology and those who see it as a threat to the old ways has lead to war and turned this land which was considered a Utopia into hell.
Capital City: Genesis city, the heart of angelic society for over fo
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Angel of Knowledge and Time Dialogue
Alexandra stood silently behind the Loremaster, she glanced
at him briefly before turning away. 
"I see what you are doing. And I can see where it's
heading." she nervously said as the Loremaster turned around. 
"At the end of this path you are taking... There is
nothing but pain for you. And for those who care about you. " 
"You know I would never put you or those I care for in
harms way.  But you know as much as I do, that the future can change,
and I'm determined to change it. Even if it does lead to my death" 
"But why you Thomas, why does it have to be you?" 
"Who else is there, but me?" 
Alexandra looked down and stayed silent for a moment. The Loremaster
knew her well enough to know that she was trying to hold her tears in. He walked
up to her to comfort her. 
"Look at me, look into my eyes. Have I given you any
reason to doubt me? I'm not doing this for any sense of gain or any sense of
praise and pride. I'm doing this for you, for m
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The Damned Racial Profile
A name given to those of various races who were brought back
from the dead as mindless slaves. This incurs when a spirit is forcefully put
back into a deceased body, which reactivates brain functions. The process
though making the spirit weak and easy for the caster to control them.
Sometimes the process fails to reactive the brain function of the body,
expelling the spirit once again but remains bound to the necromancer as
In Legend its believed that the first form of necromancy
deprived from the corruption of the Lady of the Lake.
Believed to be the same race as the Guardians of the Peak, she became the first
Lich in history. Waging an unholy war against the living, she was finally
vanquished on the continent of Tartarus. Though time has passed, people have
started to worship her as a Goddess and believe she will return and cleanse the
land with a tide of death and destruction.
Despite the sense of mindless behaviour and
decrepit appearance. Larikean aren't relate
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Introduction to The Dance of Fate
"The end of the world. When this matter is brought up there is bound to be discussion of religious catastrophes, meteor collisions and the obvious- human error. But when it came down to those moments in history, we, the humanity, braced for the end... And nothing happened. But something feels different this time...
But let me start from the beginning, from the building of Stonehenge. Despite popular belief, the site has not existed for many thousand years; it was built and organised by three individuals who had an idea: an idea to protect the future of this world from a power which wants to control it. You may know them from the Arthurian legends: King Arthur, his father Uther and their advisor Merlin. You might tell me that this is just blatant fantasy, legends with no proof of existence. But what if I tell you the same power those three tried to protect us from was the same power which made them a myth, and that the battle of Camlann was even more than deciding the fate of a mythical
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Girl by Angelvila Girl :iconangelvila:Angelvila 4 2 Pirate by Angelvila Pirate :iconangelvila:Angelvila 1 5 Alexandra by Angelvila Alexandra :iconangelvila:Angelvila 5 6 Dave Grohl (Line Art By Teutron) by HarlandGirl Dave Grohl (Line Art By Teutron) :iconharlandgirl:HarlandGirl 30 6
The Duskfall Chronicles - Prologue (Edited)
The woman was running in a dark forest. She was quite tall and had a long blonde hair, and her eyes were blue like the sky during a winter morning. Her face had an unexpectable harshness in them, but generally the men considered her to be quite beautiful. She was wearing white robes which were stained, and which had the emblem of the inquisiton on its back; A golden sword behind a shield, and a gold-red sun behind the sigil. The night was cold and rainy, and bolts of thunder painted the world with flashes of white light. The sky to the east was coloured red, and thick smoke rose from that direction. The woman heard a beastly roar from the village near her so she turned left, and ran through the patch of trees that were separating her from the village. The branches of the trees scratched her arms and she almost tripped on the old roots of the trees. The loud roars grew louder and louder, and after a few moments she reached the village. The sight was horrible; the village was ablaze. Mos
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Pixie Coloured by HarlandGirl Pixie Coloured :iconharlandgirl:HarlandGirl 5 0
Here I am,
Looks like I'm stranded.
In the middle of nowhere,
I can hardly stand it.
Where will I go?
I haven't got a clue.
That's probably why
I am feeling this blue.
It's just another step,
I have to take it.
When talking to people,
I have to fake it.
Late at night,
I get taken by tears.
I even want to scream
In the face of my fears.
When it's really tough,
When it's really rough,
I think of my family and closest friends.
At least love never ends.
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Cox n' Crendor In The Morning by HarlandGirl Cox n' Crendor In The Morning :iconharlandgirl:HarlandGirl 16 4 Dead! Prologue (Art Edition) by HarlandGirl
Mature content
Dead! Prologue (Art Edition) :iconharlandgirl:HarlandGirl 1 1
Lady of Avalon by Teutron Lady of Avalon :iconteutron:Teutron 36 5 Teutron's Tutorial on Everything by Teutron Teutron's Tutorial on Everything :iconteutron:Teutron 255 41 Wolf Sigil WIP by HarlandGirl Wolf Sigil WIP :iconharlandgirl:HarlandGirl 2 0 Wolf Sigil by HarlandGirl Wolf Sigil :iconharlandgirl:HarlandGirl 2 0 Wolf Sigil Version 2 by HarlandGirl Wolf Sigil Version 2 :iconharlandgirl:HarlandGirl 3 1 Hungergames by HarlandGirl Hungergames :iconharlandgirl:HarlandGirl 4 4 Cynical Wolf Sketch by HarlandGirl Cynical Wolf Sketch :iconharlandgirl:HarlandGirl 3 0


Found some notes that belong to the Damned profile. Thought I'll share there if anybody is interested. Tad more lore tip-bits.

If the Lady of the Lake is indeed of the same race as the Guardians. It shows that they aren't at all incorruptible despite popular belief. This will also strengthen the idea she maybe still alive as the Guardians are immortal.

The Last conflict involving undead on a large scale was known as the Shattering of Light and Dark. Where the order of the Lightbringers(inspired by templers) clashed against the Damned lead by the Lady of the Lake. The resulting conflict turned Tartraus in the land it has become too today, making the land inhospitable for civilization. Even though it brought the end to the first Lich in history, it shattered the Lightbringers control over mainland Avalon, which would never experience the same level of strength and control they had before.

One of the Loremaster's most read books is one about Necromancy, which may bring to question if he can perform necromancy himself.

At present people still tell the tale of the First lich to scare their children at bed time. Often saying if you're too naughty, she would return and turn you into an undead slave.

No one knows for sure who or what corrupted the Lady of the Lake.


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